Real-time fraud detection
Minimizing the lifetime and impact of the threats. The log integration mechanism and client mailbox analysis, along with the advanced end-user attack identification mechanism allows you to identify and manage attacks without any input from the client.
Proactive account protection against Phishing, Pharming, or Malware
End-users are a company’s life-blood. Protect their accounts before they are compromised by cybercriminals, even when the victims are outside the perimeters of the company.
Customizable countermeasures. A response to each attack
One of the key aspects of the solution is that each client can decide how to respond to each of the threats detected: identify, block, alert, disinfect, etc. All of this is possible with bugFraud Defense. You decide which countermeasure to provide to the users of your applications.
Profiling victims and fraudsters
Analyze the location of the attacks by geolocation of the victims and fraudsters. Understand the most attacked technologies in order to identify possible security breaches associated with the most affected browsers or OSs.

of users attacked with spam open phishing messages, and 11% open attached files.

Verizon, 2015

of these users are compromised within in the first hour of the attack.

Verizon, 2015

bugFraud Defense Next-gen features

  • Stop hackers before they steal money even from previously unknown attacks, including session hijacking or man-in-the-browser (MITB)
  • Protect victims of known or unknown phishing, pharming, and malware attacks in real time, even if they are outside of your infrastructure
  • Prevent your customers from compromising their own information on fraudulent websites
  • Discover the mule accounts to which cybercriminals attempt to transfer the money, with the option to block the transactions and prevent theft
  • Easy implementation at the Web server level for both development and security teams, requiring only a single, lightweight line of code to link online sessions to buguroo’s cloud-based fraud detection engine
  • Proven by industry-leading multinational clients in banking and other sectors

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