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Compatible with the most widespread languages in Web and mobile environments
Analyze the source code of your Java, PHP, ASP, C#, and .NET applications… Including the most widespread frameworks for each and covering the most complex flows, such as dependency injection, reflection, ORMs or unrelated databases, among others. Build safe applications, avoiding all the vulnerabilities identified in all reference standards such as OWASP, WASC, or CWE. And for mobile, every day organizations launch more applications for mobile phones and tablets, both to offer a better experience to their clients and to facilitate their employees’ mobility. Minimize your clients’ and employees’ exposure to risk by fortifying your mobile applications with bugScout SCA, making them stronger, more reliable, and safer.
Combine security with software quality
Quality code is code that will make your tools more sustainable, both for possible updates, and for correction of functional or security bugs. Similarly, quality analysis will detect mechanisms to improve your applications’ performance, identifying possible errors before users discover them in the applications, and reviewing test coverage, identifying parts of the code that have been tested less and where it is more likely for unexpected behaviors to appear. bugScout SCA also includes a software quality analyzer so your applications become not only safer, but also more efficient, reliable, and able to tolerate errors.
Streamline and save in your secure applications lifecycles
bugScout SCA allows you to apply security to your applications with a higher speed/accuracy ratio than other security analysis methods. This advantage stems from the ease of integrating a SCA process into your development lifecycle and in the speed of the SCA process itself. You can verify the security of your code before deploying or compiling; this agility allows for much more effective integration. In addition, corrections during development are much cheaper to correct than those identified during production (see infographic).
Multiple detection policies
With bugScout SCA, you’ll get the lowest rate of false positives on the market, thanks to its adaptive technology and its multiple configuration options. For each scan, you can choose the detection policy that best meets your needs, being more conservative or more demanding in the detection depending on your phase of development. Similarly, bugScout SCA will learn from your decisions, so that the more you use the system, the more accurate it becomes.

Internet applications have vulnerabilities.

Verizon, 2015

Vulnerabilities are in applications.

WASC, 2015

bugScout Next-gen features

  • Designed by ethical hackers and cybersecurity auditors to automate their own best practices
  • Scales to test even the largest Web applications
  • Robust vulnerability detection for the most widely used programming languages-Java, PHP, and NET
  • Integrates results with multiple dynamic, infrastructure,  and quality testing tools along with multiple threat intelligence sources using the bugBlast appsec platform to get one holistic picture of the application source code and the application while running in its native ecosystem
  • Lowest rate of false positives on the market
  • Common environment for auditors and developers enhances cross-team communications, efficiency and coding security
  • Fastest security testing solution on the market analyzing millions of lines of code per hour
  • Cloud-based for easy startup with no on-site equipment required to deliver a rapid time to value
buguroo AppSec Platform

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