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buguroo Launches Next-gen bugFraud Defense Solution to Protect Enterprise Websites and their Customers from Advanced Cyberattacks— with Zero End-user Action Required

SAN FRANCISCO – Feb. 16, 2016—The newest cybercrime toolkits like Vawtrack, Dyre and Dridex are designed to hijack online banking sessions to steal money. Also known as man-in-the-browser (MITB) attacks, these threats are extremely dangerous

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  • vpn_post3

All you need to know about VPN services

VPN services are becoming the order of the day for both general public and professional environments. They can be used to connect to a corporate mailbox as well as access to contents restricted in some countries. A VPN service is a popular element of the cyber security sector. Thus, today we are going to make some comments about the Virtual Private Networks. Continue reading if you want to know more about VPNs: why you should use a service like this? What does a VPN do? What kind of problems can arise if I use a VPN service?

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  • parser_generators

Why parser generator tools are (mostly) useless in static analysis

I would like to talk about a topic that is considered a resolved problem in compiler design but not as much in static analysis: the parsing phase, also known as syntactic recognition of source code. Many parsing tools are oriented towards the compilation process. Because of that, the mathematical bases (established decades ago) behind parsing do not provide a satisfactory solution to the problems the industry is facing nowadays: source code static analysis. Let’s see why.

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  • nathan

Why Unit Testing Is Harder Than You Think

Unit testing is often considered the “easy” kind of testing. While it may be easier than integration testing, say, it is not easy. Instead, comprehensive unit testing is more science than art, and it requires

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