• We are a software manufacturer of Cloud security solutions

  • We offer advanced solutions to complex problems, for corporations of all sizes through friendly, easy-to-use tools.

  • OnDemand audits: static, dynamic and manual security audits in just 3 days


We are a technology startup with a team of highly qualified professionals, with significant experience in the IT security industry. Our mission is to provide the most advanced and effective solutions to our customers, by designing and developing new IT security tools.

Software Security Suite

Our compromise is clear: detect, evaluate and remediate.


Nowadays, software applications are key elements to Information Technology. Organizations use applications to develop business, reduce costs, interact with customers and providers, and many other key purposes.

The tools developed are flexible to offer solutions to actors involved

Software developers solutions


Software developers

Cybersecurity teams solutions


Cybersecurity teams

Compliance teams solutions


Compliance teams

Auditors solutions



Solutions for Financial Officers


Financial Officers


After the technical tests have been completed, the process is not finished, it has just started.


One of the main interests that we have detected in our customers is the desire to improve capabilities to manage the results obtained in security audits. Security tests can be extensive, performed by skilled professionals and, even following effective best practices and acclaimed methodologies, hovewer the main challenge for most organizations and security providers is to properly manage the results obtained after the technical labor is finished.

We believe in lifelong customer support, focused on constant correction of the weaknesses identified in the audit process.

Application Security service


Application Security

Penetration Testing service


Penetration Testing

 Threat Intelligence service


Threat Intelligence


We count on internationally recognized professionals in the field of IT Security. We have the best team to resolve the worst security problems quickly.


We have designed a complete training program to help our partners to become Cybersecurity experts and to help them in marketing buguroo products, services and solutions. We have developed courses in four areas of knowledge. These courses are taught by the best worldwide Cybersecurity profesionals and their content is mainly practical.

We train our partners, companies and clients in four areas of knowledge

Software development teams training


Software development

Hacking training



Forensic teams training



Reversing training




We believe that our partners are essential to achieve both clients and buguroo success.


buguroo's mission is 100% based on a channel sales strategy. We have created a business model where our partners are the primary key for the success of our business. Thus, we work hard to find the best for both, you and buguroo, providing the best service, products and solutions to our clients.

Our partners

Deloitte Indra ABAST Group Risk Management Group SuperKnowa ETEK Protektnet Q&C Ingenieria Nalba Tech Mexis Telesma BNS XMART Solution Hynet. IT Solutions Prometheus Security Sein Transformando TI
Partners mapMapa de partners

Partners that have already join us worldwide:


(+34) 912 29 43 49

Caléndula 93 St, Building D. 28109 La Moraleja, Madrid (Spain)


We are in the business park Miniparc III, in Soto de la Moraleja, Madrid. Our offices are in a two-storey building that can be seen from Burgos N-I highway. There are plenty of ways to get here: by public transport, underground, bus, or even by car, requesting at the entrance one of buguroo's free visitant car parking places.

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